Anti-Abortion vs. ProLife

pregnant-518793_960_720A while back I made a post that was pretty harsh I believe and I thought it would be a good idea to explain myself. The post said,”The ProLife movement is a hoax…”  When I look at the movement and how so many conservatives are willing to sacrifice so much just for this one thing, I realize that these people are not ProLife at all.

Let me first say that I am staunchly anti-abortion.  There is just no way to make me choose any other way.  I have 3 young children but even before them I did not agree with abortion.  However, it was through their conceptions, pregnancies and births that my views on abortion became even more solidified.  I remember my first son.  When I first read the pink lines and had to count down to the first appointment to hear a heart beat at somewhere between 8 to 10 weeks, being anti-abortion became more than just some religious duty.  In that moment, where my tummy was still flat and my son was barely inches big, there was a heart beat so loud!  There was life!  It was a reality to me that abortion is indeed killing a living being.  Then as I watched the sonograms of each of my children, those convictions took root even deeper.  Through each stage, I saw them wiggle and jiggle around and grow. As the months went on, I noticed their movements in my tummy responded to the noises of the outside world and the sound of my voice.  They were alive and had personality well before they were born.  I would think, how could any organization lead women in destroying life?

However, it was after my second son was born that I became friends with a very strong Christian girl who’d had an abortion years prior to meeting me. She was a teenager at the time it happened, with a mom on drugs and her mom’s drug dealer raped her in order to get paid back for money her mom owed him.  She then got pregnant from the rape and had an abortion.  In that moment of hearing her story, all my self-righteousness went down the toilet.  I realized that in that moment as she shared with me, her life mattered just as much as the fetus.  How could I judge and condemn her for the choice she made when she’d had such a traumatic experience that led her to it? Doing that in that moment would have devalued her completely. It could have drawn her even farther away from God’s love, grace and forgiveness. In fact, I think of Jesus as he met the woman at the well. Most of the time he talked to her, not once did he mention the sinful relationship she was in. He treated her as if her life really mattered.  In loving her unconditionally, eventually her heart led her to change her life…on her own.

My friend’s abortion story is like many women, but there are other stories.  Maybe not as traumatic but for the individual woman traumatic enough to drive them to having an abortion.  I have never in my life met a woman who had an abortion and just enjoyed it. Most I have talked to actually live with the guilt of it, but still felt they had no other way out.  My life has been free of sexual assault and free from difficult life experiences that drive me to desperate decisions.  I am in a loving relationship, have birthed 3 children into a marriage that is stable and financially strong.  How can I judge someone or walk in their shoes? One thing I can do is love. I can value the life of the woman who had the abortion enough to treat her with kindness and respect, giving her the freedom to sort through her spiritual life journey.

The ProLife movement does not reach out to women who have had an abortion in this way.  In fact, many of those who support the ProLife movement will actually sacrifice life outside of the womb to protect a fetus.  I look at our current political state.  I have heard these same people who claim to be ProLife, make fun of minorities, immigrants, assaulted women and many others. I do not see how this as being PROLIFE. These same people will fight hard against abortion but praise the work of a police officer who kills an unarmed black man.  I mean literally, every time a black man is killed, conservatives will start a full campaign in support of the police.  There is no grief for that life lost. No comfort offered to the grieving family. In fact, I have even heard these same conservative and ProLife people say that the black man deserved what he got.  These same people will not support campaigns that are about protecting our planet and environment.  They engage in the sport of hunting, not for food and necessity but just to kill, as if even that living creature means nothing. Even though the sciprture clearly says, “The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.” (Proverbs 12:10) They will not support programs created to help the poor and disenfranchised. This is not being ProLife.

To me the ProLife movement is merely a cover up to keep the status quo of minority whites. Yes many blacks and other races are involved with the ProLife movement, but the majority of those who follow this movement are conservative white. Choosing a fetus or the symbol of an unborn child is a great way to stir the empathy of the masses to stand behind their political agenda.  I have literally heard many say, “I know the democrat or liberal side seems to be more empathetic to the causes of the poor, needy, minority, immigrant, women, etc. but I just can’t support a party that supports killing an unborn child. Millions of babies are being killed each year and I just cannot get behind that.” Yet this same conservative agenda is jeopardizing the lives of many who are already outside of the womb.  In fact, they even celebrate without any care or empathy, when the lives of those who do not fit into their political agenda are jeopardized or destroyed altogether. They mock immigrant families, with children weeping for their mothers, saying, “Well they should have come here the right way.” The ProLife movement is NOT pro LIFE at all, so I choose not to associate with its hypocrisy.

Instead, I say that I am anti-abortion but  ProChoice. I am prochoice because one reason I feel that many are not opposed to abortion is because they have a different religion or belief than I do.  In Jeremiah 1:5 and many other verses throughout the Old and New Testament, Christians are literally commanded to preserve life because of how much God has sanctified it as sacred.  In Jeremiah 1:5 God says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Verses like this form the foundation of my Christian beliefs.  In my personal life I am also against birth control unless it is for medical reasons (in my case, my doctor said that I should not have any more children, so we did the medical procedure to do so, in order to preserve my life and to make sure my 3 young children would have their mother.).  These convictions are not political to me, they are deeply personal and spiritual to me and my personal choice.  Well, even though I love God and His Word, just as Jesus always respected the religious and life choices of others, I do the same.  If a woman does not share these same convictions or beliefs, I feel it is wrong to oppress her into doing so.  For me, I’d rather share my testimony, and be a witness through relationships that I build and if through the process the lives I touch have a change of heart and become a Christian, then the Holy Spirit will guide them on whether they are anti-abortion or not.

I am not interested in making the people of the United States follow Christian values. I am interested in inspiring others to become true disciples of Jesus Christ because of a personal and free choice.  I believe that this is actually God’s way. God says in Deuteronomy 30:19, “This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live..” God gives all men a CHOICE.  In fact, we are in this mess of a sinful world because God purposely created mankind with a FREEWILL. From the beginning he created them to be able to CHOOSE. I believe God wants all men to have the freedom to CHOOSE!  I know the scriptures that I share seem harsh, but I share them to reveal to all that my faith tells us to give people a CHOICE. According to my spiritual beliefs there are consequences to making the wrong choice and that is something to be discussed if someone really wants to go deep with that. If you are not a Christian you can interpret this simply as all men should be free to choose.  The point is that Christians are doing just as wrong as someone who has had an abortion by NOT giving people the freedom to CHOOSE.  In everything we do, we should model how God has related to people. He created us with a free will. He started all life with placing 2 trees in the garden to choose from.  God is not oppressive. He gives CHOICES.  Christians need to do the same.

Instead of worrying about the personal life choices people are making who are not even in the same religion or faith, or for whatever reason are interpreting scriptures differently from  me, instead I need to be loving people as Jesus did. As he loved true disciples were drawn to him and then organically they made life changes in line with the Messianic faith (I use Messianic as synonymous with Christian here).  Jesus was not the Messiah to stop abortions. He is the Messiah to bring all hearts to himself so that the Holy Spirit may turn the person’s heart to walk according to His will. Jesus truly valued all life, no matter what they did and he related to them with that respect, kindness and care.  The rich young ruler was given the chance to CHOOSE to follow Jesus and even though he didn’t, it says that Jesus still loved him. This is what ProLife SHOULD mean, but sadly here in the USA it has a much darker and hypocritical meaning and I want no part of it.  The ProLife movement that I see today is filled with a bunch of self-righteous, judgmental, unfeeling, hateful, uncaring, racist, and elitist people and I want no part of it. Yes, there are many dear friends that I know who follow it who are not this way, but the majority of those who do and I choose not to be a companion of fools, because it is not wise (Proverbs 13:20).

I am anti-abortion, but ProChoice and a lover of ALL life in or outside of the womb.

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