There’s a lot on my mind most times, and yet I have a desire to share with others.  I could one day be meditating on the goodness of Jesus, music (I used to be a jazz singer), my favorite dog breeds (I have owned poodles and own a Tibetan terrier), going camping ( our family hobby),  education (I’ve been in education administration for over 10 years), how awesome my husband is (um he really is AWESOME) or how much I love my kids (we have 3 that you most likely will never see clear pics of…folks are crazy ya’ll!).  Sometimes you may see a guest post from my husband because blogging is yet another hobby we share together.   This is not just a blog about mothering or “wife-ing”.  This is not just a blog about kids.  This is definitely not just a blog about decorating a house (um can I just finish laundry???).  This is simply a blog about me, my passions and my interests.    I’m open, honest, genuine and a little strange sometimes, but I’m me and I hope my life will be a blessing to you.


Here are a few of my other more focused blogs that may interest you: blog on education inspirational jazz profile school I founded in 2015 (looking forward to year 3!) blog where I only post about being a Christian working mother and I connect a great deal of my posts to Proverbs 31