medamonweddingBeen reflecting on things Damon and I have done to keep the connection that we have. We discussed it a bit last night and today. We did something pretty radical I think. As soon as we walked down the aisle, we set firm boundaries with all of our friends of the opposite sex. For me this was not easy. I’d been single a long time and had collected a nice number of very close male friends. I’m going to be transparent, and I hope that’s ok. These were guys that although I was not in a relationship with, we shared with each other. The producer of my music was a very close friend, at the time probably my best friend. We wrote music together, and then eventually our music partnership turned into us confiding in each other regularly. It was strictly platonic, but we were close, you know? He was the one who brought my music to life and yet, finding Damon caused me to realize that the enemy could use that connection to interfere with my connection with my husband. My producer played for my wedding and then he didn’t hear from me again for YEARS. There were others, guys medamon1that were like big brothers. We hung out, we shared dreams. We bounced business ideas off of each other. But when Damon and I said “I Do.” we realized that we must guard our relationship fiercely. So we committed to NOT spending any extra time on the phone, hanging out, or connecting with in any way any person of the opposite sex. In fact, we RARELY if ever even give a person of the opposite sex a ride somewhere without he or I being there. We are not playing ya’ll. No matter what you feel or what people say, your spouse should be your ONLY best friend, soul connection, hanging partner, texting buddy, phone buddy, lunch/dinner date, movie partner, exercise partner, skating partner, hand dance or ANY dance partner, or WHATEVER! No other male or female should be having any type of connection to you outside of a distant platonic relationship. This has been so key. There were times, where I missed my friends, because Damon and I are very different. I didn’t know him as long as some of those friends when we met, but in me doing that, he and I grew to have a bond that is pretty incredible, without distraction. We get each other, we are one and there’s NO ONE in between.


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