Oh the joys of marrying an engineer (he has a bachelors in Chemical engineering and a masters in computer engineering…a total sexy geek)!! The way their minds internally work to problem solve is nothing short of a miracle.  I mean this guys comes up with ways to solve our problems in the most amazing way! Over the past almost 10 years of being married to this guy, his creative engineering mind never ceases to amaze me. His attention to detail, his sensitivity to everything…his brain is just amazing for real. Well, this man figured a way to save us from disaster yet again, during the horrible rain last night.

So we are hanging out in the family room late at night talking and playing on our phones when he suddenly disappears. Then I hear his feet walking fast through the house and his face looking crazy. I’m chillin’ and say, “Babe, what’s up?” He tells me that water is pouring into the basement as he is getting the bucket, etc. He’d heard it when we were relaxing in the family room. I hadn’t even heard it. His mind is always focused and attentive…he rarely misses anything.

So I run down stairs with him and there is a waterfall pouring into our basement from a pipe! Water all over the floor. The bucket filling up in seconds. He removes it amedamon2nd replaces it with an empty bucket. Runs upstairs to pour it out (the basement is unfinished so no bathroom, and it’s really hard to get outside). He runs back down and he and I are just standing there looking. I start to fuss and worry. “Baby what we gonna do! We bout to have a pool down here!!! OMG! OMG! Call the plumber!!” He looks at me like “Girl you are crazy.” and says, “Babe ain’t no plumber coming here at 1 am!!!”

I am frantic and not thinking clearly. His mind is working. I can tell when his sexy mind starts working. He gets quiet and tunes me out (it used to irritate me, but now that I know why he does it, it’s actually sexy). He runs outside, while I keep an eye on the bucket, so I can switch it out when it fills up. He runs back downstairs and tells me what he’s gonna do, “Babe, I think it’s coming from the part of the house where our mint garden is. Under the bay window. I’m gonna cover that whole area with tarp so the water collects on the tarp and doesn’t run under the house and into our basement.” I’m like, “How did you come up with that?! That’s awesome!!” So he gets to work, in the pouring rain at 2 or 3 am. I stand on the porch to watch over my sweetie, cuz we got lots of wildlife, especially snakes and just to make sure I’m there if he needs me.

He lays out the tarp. We run downstairs. And the water stopped almost instantly. We watch it for a while and we are good. We go back to the family room and relax a bit, but still keeping an ear on the sound of pouring water. BAM! There it goes again…rushing in. We run downstairs, and then my heart sinks again. I call my parents to say a prayer and to be on stand by in case we need them to come over to help fight it. He’s tuned me out again as I’m crying on the phone with my mom. His sexy mind is just a-going. When I see that, I usually stop worrying and this time I did.

I get off the phone. He goes outside to look at the tarp. I stand on the porch with him, to make sure my baby is safe or if he needs me. He is getting soaked out there, looking at the tarp. He comes to the porch and says, “I’ve got to figure a way to make the tarp slant, so that when the rain falls on it, it runs down the tarp and away from the house.” OMG! ISN’T THIS MAN AMAZING!? LIKE HE IS SO SEXY RIGHT NOW!! Help me Jesus!

So I try to pitch in my idea on how to make it slant. He laughs and was like, “Babe, that’s too much…I need something fast and simple.” He sits there and thinks. He runs to get a broom. I don’t ask questions. When he gets like this, you don’t ask questions. He runs out side with the broom for a bit, and I stay near the water so I can make sure the bucket doesn’t overflow. He comes in. We run downstairs and the water stops! We watch it for a while and it’s still stopped.

We go to the family room and hang out until 4 am and no water coming in! He’s like, “Babe, I think I got it this time.” So I’m delirious by this time, and I say, “Babe, I’m going to bed, BUT if you hear the water again, wake me. Don’t go out without me. Don’t try to fix it without me being near, ok? Promise?” He agrees.

My sweetie watched over that water until 5 am and then he came to bed and I just wrapped my arms around him and loved on him (get your minds out the gutter…this chic was too tired for more than a snuggle). Then we fell asleep at peace. Woke up a few hours later to a dry basement. The outdoors looks a little triflin’ with the tarp and brooms, etc. but we were saved by my man! He never ceases to be my hero, my Superman! LOL!!!

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