the-moon-reflects-light-from-the-sun1I am a ball of meaningless stone
Shining a light that is not my own
For it is from the SON
My light only comes from ONE
God, Jesus, The Spirit of God
Is the light you see.
Like the sun's light reflects in the moon
That's me.
His light not mine
I don't want anyone to think
It's my light so I sink
Back away from pride
That wants me to step into the lime light.
I am the moon and I shine
Because God in His grace
Has taken this insignificant life of mine
And made it bright
By the reflection of His power, wisdom and beauty
Through my life.
I am the moon
He is the Son
My light? There is none.
There is only God who shines through me.
It's only His light you see
Piercing it's way through.
I ain't nothin' but a moon.-Nika

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